Sharing Jesus With Julieta  (Vanessa’s POV)

For the past five weeks I've been having Bible studies with Julieta and it's been exciting witnessing her get closer to Christ! I accredit Taylor for knocking on her door and even though Julieta only speaks Spanish, Taylor understood that she was open and wanting Bible studies. When I met her I knew that we … Continue reading Sharing Jesus With Julieta  (Vanessa’s POV)


Revelation Tucson (Vanessa’s POV)

This week was an exciting week! On Friday Revelation Tucson officially began and the turn out was amazing! I give God all the glory for bringing the people. Although there were trials and things didn't go through fully as planned, at the end it all went well. The opening night began with 130 people! A … Continue reading Revelation Tucson (Vanessa’s POV)